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SUBJECT: Genesis Centre graduates ocean technology company

DATE: December 4, 2014

SubC Control Ltd. (operating under the name SubC Imaging) is graduating today from Memorial University’s Genesis Centre.

The Genesis Centre is a support network developed to help Newfoundland and Labrador knowledge-based businesses/entrepreneurs create high-growth enterprises.

SubC Imaging is an ocean technology company that develops underwater imaging systems for harsh environments. Chad Collett founded the company in 2010 when he recognized a significant need in the industry for better camera equipment and video management systems for remotely operated vehicle operations. He later invited Adam Rowe to manage software development and assist with technology development and Ron Collier to help with sales and marketing.

The company’s graduation from the Genesis Centre comes as a result of SubC Imaging identifying a weakness in the marketplace and developing a suite of products with real market appeal. With clients in more than 15 countries, SubC Imaging currently operates a 5,000-square-foot facility in Clarenville, N.L., and is proving that technology companies in rural Canada can build international networks for sales that drive a company’s growth.

In addition to graduating from the Genesis Centre today, the company was presented with the 2014 David McNamara Graduate Client of the Year Award by the

Canadian Association of Business Incubation. The award goes to the most outstanding

graduate company from a recognized Canadian incubator or accelerator program. 


“The Genesis Centre is an important part of the Memorial community. The work undertaken by the centre plays a significant role in helping companies translate ideas into successful business ventures, which lends tremendous support to growing our province’s economy. I offer my sincere congratulations to the entire SubC Imaging team.” – Dr. Gary Kachanoski, president and vice-chancellor, Memorial University

“Today’s graduation is an excellent example of both the good work done by the Genesis Centre, and the vision and determination of Mr. Collett and his team at SubC. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador believed in SubC from the beginning, offering both financial and industry support as this company expanded to world markets. I am pleased to offer our sincere congratulations to SubC today as we celebrate your success.” – Darin King, minister, Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development

“SubC is extremely grateful to the Genesis Centre for the opportunities provided by association. Without this group we are not even sure if we would exist. The people we've met and the advice given has helped every step of the way and continues as our company grows.” – Chad Collett, founder and chief technology officer, SubC Imaging


 About SubC Imaging

With five years of experience working with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) as both a pilot and a technician under his belt, Chad Collett started SubC Control Limited (operating under the name SubC Imaging) in his basement in February 2010. He believed that all the different features required to collect data underwater could be combined into one unique solution. SubC was accepted into the Genesis Centre in September 2010; shortly thereafter, Mr. Collett found a like-minded partner in vice-president Adam Rowe, who shared his drive and passion for technology and innovation.

In early 2011 Ron Collier was brought in to help develop local and international markets and head up business development.

SubC’s initial product offering, the 1Cam MK-II, allowed ROV operators without the capability of transmitting high definition video to the surface to provide it to their clients without the costly upgrades normally required. SubC’s cameras allows for high definition video to be recorded to the camera’s internal memory while live standard definition video can be viewed over the existing infrastructure. The video can then be easily downloaded from the camera after the ROV has returned to the surface. SubC Imaging now offers 20 different products and a service portfolio that includes live video streaming and a control system to operate all of the equipment. Products range from topside equipment for the ROV operator to underwater cameras and lighting for ROVs, in addition to battery and laser technology to enhance the cameras’ capabilities subsea. 

Through the Genesis Centre, SubC was mentored by Neil Riggs, former program manager, Marport Deep Sea Technologies Inc., and current senior project manager and industry liaison at the Autonomous Ocean Systems Laboratory, Memorial University. Mr. Riggs has been working with high-growth technology companies in a technical and operations capacity for decades. He has worked on everything from image processing technology to autonomous underwater systems technology.

 SubC was also guided by an advisory board during its time at the Genesis Centre. The advisory board consisted of four entrepreneurs with 50 years of experience in the ocean technology sector between them. They are Gary Dinn, CEO, Propel ICT; Capt. Anthony Patterson, CEO, Virtual Marine Technology; Morris Pinsent, CEO of Pinsent & Associates; and Don Vokey, vice-president, E-Sonar.

 About Genesis Centre

The Genesis Centre has graduated 38 companies since 2000, and is currently working with eight other clients. It has helped its clients raise more than $85 million in private equity; 87 per cent of that amount has come from outside the province. Graduates include Rutter Technologies, Verafin, Genoa Design and Virtual Marine Technology. The Genesis Centre was named Canadian Incubator of the Year in 2011.

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