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SUBJECT: Memorial University Sea-Hawks show support for You Can Play Project

DATE: September 4, 2013

The Memorial University Sea-Hawks have pledged their support to the You Can Play Project. The project aims to reinforce a culture in athletics that welcomes all participants no matter what their sexual preference.
The Sea-Hawks worked with Memorial’s Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) and Student Affairs and Services to create a public service video that lets people know that they are welcome at Memorial University.
The video features representatives of all the Sea-Hawks varsity teams, including soccer, basketball, cross-country running, swimming, wrestling and volleyball.
It is a cause the athletes said they felt a need to show their support for. Memorial soccer player Erin Edwards said that the message was one that was important to her.
“I was really excited to participate in this video,” she said. “It is inspirational and a crucial step in the right direction for the Sea-Hawks to show their acceptance for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals. In my years as a MUN student-athlete, I have felt at home and safe in practice and in competition. I am proud to say I am a Sea-Hawk.”
Michelle Healey, Memorial’s director of athletics, was pleased to support the project.
“We wanted to let people know that if you come to Memorial, you are welcome here and that you can expect an environment that does not tolerate discrimination,” she said. “This idea extends to race, religion, etc. It is really about respect for one another.”
The video was produced and edited by DELTS and can be viewed at www.goseahawks.ca.
For more information on the You Can Play Project, visit www.youcanplayproject.org.

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