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SUBJECT: Memorial University remembers former official visitor Dr. Max House

DATE: October 21, 2013

Memorial University lowered its flags to half-staff today to mark the funeral of Dr. Max House, former lieutenant-governor and university official visitor.
“Dr. House was an eminent member of our university community,” said Dr. Kachanoski, president and vice-chancellor. “He was a driving force behind the establishment of our medical school and an international telemedicine pioneer. Medical education and the health-care system in this province bear the positive imprint of his work.”
Dr. House’s connection to Memorial spanned seven decades from his first days as a student at Memorial College in 1943. He went on to complete his training as a neurologist at McGill University in 1959 and returned to Newfoundland and Labrador to serve as the province’s only neurologist until 1966. Dr. House was a foundational leader of Memorial’s medical school where he spent 30 years as a neurology professor and administrator. 
In 1975, Dr. House started the Telemedicine program at Memorial, leading the charge of the development of telemedicine internationally. He retired as full-time faculty member in 1993, but remained with the university until 1997 as a consultant and adviser.
In 1999 he was awarded an honorary doctor of letters degree and, in 2003, he received the distinction of professor emeritus. He served as official visitor to the university in his role as lieutenant-governor from 1997-2002, returning afterwards to Memorial as honorary research professor. Dr. House was honoured as Alumnus of the Year in 2010.
“We are saddened to lose a good friend to our university,” said Dr. Kachanoski. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”
Funeral services were held today at Gower Street United Church. Members of the university community in academic dress joined a procession to mark the occasion.

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