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SUBJECT: Harris Centre forum to examine the science behind hydraulic fracturing

DATE: January 27, 2014

Memorial University’s Harris Centre, in partnership with Grenfell Campus’s Environmental Policy Institute, will host a public forum to discuss the engineering and the science behind fracking on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m.
Does fracking pollute the groundwater? Do the chemicals that are injected underground find their way back to the surface? How much drinking water does fracking use up? Does fracking cause earthquakes? What are the dangers and can these dangers be mitigated? These are some of the questions that will be addressed at the meeting.
The session will be held at the Greenwood Inn in Corner Brook, and will feature a presentation by Dr. Maurice Dusseault, a leading expert in the physics of hydraulic fracturing, from the University of Waterloo. He will be joined by Dr. Lesley Anne James from Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. James is an expert in fluid dynamics and specializes in sustainable oil production and enhanced oil recovery.
“Public opinions of hydraulic fracturing have become very polarized. This is a great opportunity to discuss the science of it and discuss the risks,” said Dr. A Dusseault. “A thorough understanding of the science is critical to making any policy decisions about this type of development.”ll members of the public are invited to attend and participate in the live Q & A session. The event will also be webcast on the Harris Centre website (www.mun.ca/harriscentre) to ensure that citizens outside Corner Brook have the opportunity to participate. The event is free to all; parking is available. A reception will follow the event.
Please visit www.mun.ca/harriscentre for details.

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