News Release

REF NO.: 110

SUBJECT: PSA: New parking garage opened at Memorial University

DATE: January 30, 2012

On Monday, Jan. 30, the new parking garage located on the north side of Memorial University’s St. John’s campus opened. The four-story structure has about 870 parking spaces including spaces for people with disabilities and motorcycle and bicycle parking. The distribution of parking spaces is based on an agreement between Memorial University and Eastern Health. This agreement also includes a surface parking lot that was constructed to the west of the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) on lands owned by Memorial University. This surface lot contains some 230 spaces and has been designated to be used by Eastern Health as part of the agreement.
            Parking spaces in the garage will be allocated as follows:
• 250 spaces as pay-and-display to replace the parking spaces that were originally located on the site prior to the garage construction.
• 200 spaces for faculty and staff at the HSC who were displaced by the construction of the expansion to the Faculty of Medicine and Genetics Research Facility.
 • 200 spaces for the additional personnel that will be generated by the Faculty of Medicine Expansion and the Genetics Research Facility. Eastern Health will initially utilize these spaces until the construction of the facilities is completed.
• Staff and faculty at the HSC will utilize the remainder of the spaces.
The first floor and part of the second floor of the garage will be pay-and-display. Pay-and-display rates will reflect similar campus fees of 20-minute increments for 25 cents each, totalling 75 cents per hour. The pay-and-display serviced area does not have a maximum amount of time that can be purchased. The pay-and-display area is intended to replace the parking spaces that were originally located on the site prior to the garage construction.
The second floor will have limited pay-and-display parking on the perimeter of the parking level, but the centre spaces will be permit-only for Area 27. Floors three and four will be permit-only for Area 27. The first level will be accessed through Sandpits Road, just off of Arctic Avenue. Levels two, three and four are accessible from the rear of the structure, also off of Sandpits Road. (See campus map at www.mun.ca/campus_map).
Memorial University employees with a valid National Research Council (NRC) parking permit displayed in their vehicle can start parking in the garage as of Monday, Jan. 30, 2012.
Employees will have until Friday, Feb. 10, to purchase a new parking garage permit. After this date the NRC permit will no longer be valid and vehicles not displaying a valid parking garage permit will be ticketed.
Employees with NRC permits will be able to purchase an Area 27 permit and exchange their NRC permit at the Health Sciences Centre Campus Enforcement Patrol (CEP) office. This will also apply to any personnel who will be transferring from an existing lot. The initial fee for permit holders will be $36.46 plus HST ($41.20), which is a pro-rated rate until the end of the permit year. The annual cost of a permit will be $175 plus HST (total, $197.75), which will commence at permit renewal time for May 1, 2012.

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