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SUBJECT: PSA: Living by the Sea: Women and Family in Maritime Communities subject of Henrietta Harvey lecture at Memorial University

DATE: October 5, 2011

How different would ships, waterfronts and coastal settlements look if more account was taken of women? Maryanne Kowaleski, the Joseph Fitzpatrick S. J. Distinguished Professor and director of medieval studies at Fordham University, is one scholar who has made space for the female gender in maritime communities despite sparse and unyielding records for the medieval period.
Dr. Kowaleski will discuss how her discoveries shape the long-term view of people who have made their living by the sea during the 2011 Henrietta Harvey lecture.
The lecture takes place Thursday, Oct. 20, at 8 p.m. in room A-1043 of the Arts and Administration Building. A reception will follow and free parking will be available in lot 15B.

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