News Release

REF NO.: 66

SUBJECT: War veterans honoured by Marine Institute

DATE: November 10, 2010

The Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University of Newfoundland paid tribute to veterans of the First World War and the Second World War on Nov. 10 with a Remembrance Day service.
            The ceremony took place at the Merchant Navy and Navy Memorial that sits in front of the Marine Institute and attracted war veterans, their families and relatives of men and women who were lost in both world wars.
            Marine Institute faculty, staff and students were also on hand as were representatives of Memorial University.
            “The Marine Institute is very proud to host Remembrance Day ceremonies each year; it is a practice we will always continue,” said Dr. Peter Fisher, head, Academic and Student Affairs, MI. “We hold our veterans close to our hearts and it is only fitting we publicly pay tribute to them. These are brave men and women who protected our freedoms while putting their own lives at great risk. The freedom for which they fought has been enjoyed by all of us and we owe these courageous men and women a sincere thank you.”
            Wreaths were laid at the Merchant Navy and Navy Memorial during the ceremony by representatives of the Marine Institute; Memorial University; the Company of Master Mariners; the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers; Canadian Forces-Naval Engineering School (St. John’s detachment); the Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans Association – NL Branch; HMCS-CABOT; Canadian Forces Station-St. John’s; the Marine Institute Student Union; and the Crow’s Nest Officer’s Club.
            “It was nice to see so many groups and associations come out to show their respect for the veterans of the First World War and Second World War,” said Dr. Fisher. “It was particularly rewarding to see Marine Institute students take time to attend the ceremony and show the veterans that their contributions to our lives have not, and will not, be forgotten.”
            Also taking part in Wednesday’s ceremony were Canadian Forces students who are members of the Marine Institute’s Marine Engineering Technical Training Program (METTP) and the Naval Combat Systems Technical Training Program (NCSTTP).
            “The Marine Institute is a fitting location for a Remembrance Day ceremony given our present day close relationship to the Canadian Navy and the fact we help train so many of the Navy’s technical personnel,” said Dr. Fisher. “These men and women represent the future of the Canadian Navy and they are following in the footsteps of the extraordinary veterans who have served before them.”
            A reception inside the Marine Institute followed the Remembrance Day ceremony.

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