News Release

REF NO.: 207

SUBJECT: Sharing ideas, improving communities

DATE: May 30, 2011

Memorial University is a useful resource for the communities and regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, but sometimes it can be difficult to connect the needs of the province with the expertise at Memorial.
On Wednesday, June 15, the Harris Centre, Memorial University’s hub for regional policy and development issues, in partnership with the Kittiwake Regional Economic Development Corporation, will hold its 16th regional workshop at the Hotel Gander.
All members of the public with an interest in regional and economic development are invited to register.
The event is an opportunity for community members to learn more about the research that Memorial is undertaking in the area, and to suggest research areas and projects that could benefit the region.
The workshop will feature breakout sessions, with each focusing on a relevant topic as determined by the Development Corporation: business and innovation; culture, heritage and tourism; natural resources; and, healthy communities.
The information and ideas shared will help set the foundation for future research projects in the Kittiwake region: all ideas and participants are welcome!
If you’re interested in participating, please call the Kittiwake Regional Economic Development Corporation at 1-877-256-2595.

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