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REF NO.: 206

SUBJECT: PSA: Words in Edgewise brings you Nietzsche and some cheerful Greeks, some surreal memories, and hope in a hopeless time

DATE: May 5, 2011

Each month Memorial University’s Graduate Program in Humanities, the Eastern Edge Gallery and Magpie magazine team up to present some of St. John’s most exciting and intriguing artists and academics performing, presenting and sharing their work in a variety of disciplines and media.
            Words in Edgewise takes place at 8 p.m., Thursday, May 12, at the Eastern Edge Gallery and is hosted by Morgan Murray. Admission is by donation.
            Screw Everything: Make it Better is the title of Words in Edgewise host Morgan Murray’s master’s in humanities journal (a.k.a. thesis), which examines how we can overcome pervasive hopelessness and cynicism with an ethics of responsibility and engagement so we might make things better.
            Joshua Fleming, a master’s in humanities candidate, will discuss Nietzsche's use of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex in The Birth of Tragedy, revealing how Nietzsche used the Theban play to deconstruct the natural order to reveal a true Greek cheerfulness.
            .blinking leaves. is an autobiographical play tracing meaning through a collection of surreal memories, written and performed by master’s in humanities candidate Iain McCurdy, directed by Joan Sullivan.

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