News Release

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SUBJECT: PSA: Storm Warning: Learn from Hurricane Igor

DATE: October 29, 2010

The Faculty of Arts’ Department of Geography presents a panel of experts in meteorology, hazards and risk reduction, and GIS planning to provide new insights into the impact of Hurricane Igor on Newfoundland. What type of hurricane was this, why was it so strong and is this what we can expect from future hurricanes? Why was the impact of this storm so devastating on the province’s infrastructure and how can we better prepare for future storm events? And finally, what kinds of new mapping technologies can help us in our efforts to plan and respond to future storm events?
The panel:
           Dr. Joel Finnis is assistant professor of climatology in the Department of Geography. His research interests include environmental modelling, climate dynamics and high-latitude meteorology. His contribution to the panel will cover the characteristics of “Canadian” hurricanes and curious aspects of Igor’s development. 
           Dr. Norm Catto is professor of geography in the Department of Geography. His interests include study of the occurrences, processes and ways of coping with natural hazards.
           Colin Taylor and Corey Tucker are senior GIS consultants with Tamarack Geographic Technologies, a St John’s-based GIS company. The company is involved in providing GIS solutions for more effective, efficient and economical planning of public and private sector services. Their presentation will focus on the potential of GIS technology in planning for, and responding to, disaster events. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Tucker are graduates of Memorial’s Department of Geography. More information about Tamarack Geographic Technologies can be found at www.tamarackgeographic.ca/.
            Storm Warning: Learn from Hurricane Igor takes place Thursday, Nov. 4 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the Inco Innovation Centre, room 2001. The event is free and parking is available in Lot 15B.

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