News Release

REF NO.: 204

SUBJECT: PSA: Harris Centre Road Show hits Labrador

DATE: April 29, 2011

             Memorial University’s Harris Centre is on the road.
             Since January, the centre has been travelling to communities all over Newfoundland and Labrador, sharing locally-relevant research projects conducted by Memorial and coordinated by the centre, including a project highlighting the potential for neighbouring communities to work together on regionally-beneficial projects.
The next stops along the way will be presentations to the Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation and the Labrador Straits Development Corporation, in Mary’s Harbour and Forteau respectively, May 3 and 4.
 “These sessions are an opportunity to share cutting-edge research on regional development,” said Dr. Rob Greenwood, Harris Centre director. “This work provides key insights on how municipalities in the province are actually functioning as highly integrated regional economies, and how our governance tools are adapting to keep up.
“It also highlights how rural areas stack up in the knowledge-based economy, and what they can do to make the most of opportunities,” he explained.
The report findings should be of particular interest in Labrador.
With the straits and coast of Labrador benefitting from improved road links,connections between communities are opening up new opportunities. “This region is a great example of how regional cooperation can be expanded with improved transportation links,” explained Dr. Greenwood. “Our research in the Labrador Straits highlighted how local organizations and communities are already working closely together and this collaboration can be leveraged with the new opportunities improved transportation will provide.”

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