News Release

REF NO.: 224

SUBJECT: New dean (pro tempore) for Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

DATE: June 17, 2011

Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will soon have a new dean (pro tempore). Dr. Ramachandran Venkatesan replaces Dr. John Quaicoe, who is stepping down as dean (pro tempore) to make more time for his passion, which is teaching.
            Dr. Venkatesan is a professor of computer engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Since joining Memorial in 1987 as an assistant professor of electrical engineering, he has served in several leadership roles in the engineering faculty. He was the chair of the electrical and computer engineering discipline for four years, associate dean of graduate studies and research for five years, interim associate dean of undergraduate studies for approximately one year and acting dean for six months before Dr. Quaicoe took on the position.   
            Dr. Venkatesan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) from Madurai University and M.Sc.E. and PhD degrees from the University of New Brunswick. He worked as a welding research engineer for eight years. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in digital systems, computer architecture and information and coding theory. He has supervised more than 40 graduate students, published many research papers in various sub-disciplines and served as a lead investigator in large research projects. His current research interests include wireless communications, underwater communications, error control codes and parallel processing.
            “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Quaicoe for his outstanding commitment and leadership during his time as dean (pro tempore). The appointment of Dr. Venkatesan as the new dean (pro tempore) for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is a good one. Dr. Venkatesan has performed very well in past leadership roles, and I’m sure he will lead the faculty in the right direction until a permanent dean is appointed,” said Dr. Evan Simpson, vice president (academic) and pro vice-chancellor (pro tempore).
            Dr. Venkatesan will begin as dean (pro tempore) for the faculty on
July 1, 2011.

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