News Release

REF NO.: 98

SUBJECT: Johnson Insurance to provide Memorial’s students and alumni with increased support

DATE: January 13, 2011

             Today, scholarship funding, co-operative education and alumni programming at Memorial University all received a significant boost thanks to support from Johnson Insurance, a Newfoundland and Labrador-based company which is part of the global RSA group. Johnson’s origins in the province date back to 1880.
            Johnson Insurance President Ken Bennett joined Memorial President and Vice-chancellor Dr. Gary Kachanoski to announce $975,000 in funding for these programs. Dr. Kachanoski and Mr. Bennett were joined by special guests, other representatives from Johnson, senior university officials, faculty and students.
            “Johnson is pleased to further support Memorial University,” said Mr. Bennett. “Johnson has had a relationship with the university for more than 25 years and, like Memorial, we are strongly committed to the development and success of Newfoundland and Labrador. At Johnson, we also recognize the essential contribution made by Memorial in providing our region with highly-skilled talent, advanced technology, unparalleled knowledge and practical know-how.
            “This is as an investment in knowledge and in the young people in our province. It is also an investment in an economically vibrant Newfoundland and Labrador.”
            Dr. Kachanoski said the contribution from Johnson Insurance enables Memorial to offer increased support for alumni programming, co-operative education and student scholarships. The funding commitment will be paid over five years.
            “Sponsorship for alumni activities helps us connect with an important group who, in turn, support initiatives that span the entire university,” said Dr. Kachanoski. “In terms of co-operative education, Memorial is a leader, with the largest programs in Atlantic Canada. This contribution from Johnson will result in 50 work-term positions and will be very important as we continue to build on our co-op success. Johnson’s commitment demonstrates real confidence in our students, who will gain top-notch professional experience from these opportunities.
            “With this broad funding program, Johnson has strengthened its relationship with Memorial and will make a real difference to both our students and alumni.”
            Dr. Rob Shea, dean of Student Affairs and Services, says the scholarship commitment is of particular importance, and will go a long way in helping young people from all over Newfoundland and Labrador get a head start in their student careers at Memorial.
            “With a significant gift also designated for scholarships, it demonstrates that Johnson have considered the entire lifespan of a Memorial student, and that is critically important,” he said. “The scholarship initiative is province-wide in scope and will provide a real boost for 250 high school students as they begin their own journey at Memorial.”

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