News Release

REF NO.: 85

SUBJECT: Grenfell Campus governance update

DATE: December 6, 2010

The implementation of changes to the governance of Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook continues. The university Task Force on a Renewed Governance Structure for the Grenfell Campus, chaired by Dr. Gary Kachanoski, Memorial’s president, has met periodically through the fall semester and is expected to meet again in December.
            One of the priority actions of the Task Force is the development of the new executive and administrative structure for Grenfell Campus that supports transformation and growth at the campus, while facilitating the deploying of resources wisely and effectively.
            The Task Force’s draft structure for Grenfell has since been presented to Memorial’s Board of Regents, and at its last meeting the board reviewed it and provided generally positive feedback. The board was also informed that the creation and filling of individual positions will happen incrementally once the Task Force finalizes the administrative framework. Each appointment will be presented to the board for consideration and information or approval, as appropriate, in accordance with established board procedures.
            The Task Force is also reporting that a number of positions have already been created and filled in the past year, including manager of student recruitment, international recruiter and manager of marketing. Further work is underway to fill 18 new positions. Of these, one is filled (an administrative support position in the registrar’s office), nine are currently being filled with candidates under consideration, four are advertised and four more will be advertised shortly. In addition, the first executive position being contemplated is the creation of a new position of associate vice-president (administration and finance), Grenfell Campus, which the board is expected to consider at its December meeting.
            The Task Force now expects to distribute the executive and administrative structure to the relevant units for information and internal discussion, with follow-up release planned to the broader community in the coming weeks.
            Among the decisions already made is the change in the title of the campus’s vice-president to “vice-president (Grenfell Campus)” to more accurately reflect the formal adoption of the Grenfell Campus (Memorial University) name for the Corner Brook facility. Dr. Kachanoski is also chairing the committee searching for the next vice-president and has received input from the Task Force on the profile for this important leadership position.
            In other activities, a transitional logo for Grenfell Campus has been developed and is being reviewed by the Task Force. When approved, this will be used in the interim period while a more comprehensive marketing plan and strategy for Grenfell is being developed.

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