News Release

REF NO.: 259

SUBJECT: Convicted student’s enrolment revoked; campus ban to remain in force

DATE: August 12, 2011

             A decision has been rendered in the case of Qian Tang, the Memorial University student who was convicted of assault causing bodily harm. The incident, which occurred on March 9, 2011, was an isolated case and the result of a conflict between two individuals who were known to each other.
            Mr. Tang’s case was reviewed under Memorial’s Code of Student Conduct. The result of the review is that Mr. Tang’s registration at Memorial is immediately revoked and he is suspended until August 2012.
            During the period of his suspension, Mr. Tang is banned from Memorial University campuses and facilities and he will not be permitted to register or enrol in any studies, including distance education courses.
            Once the period of the suspension is concluded, Mr. Tang may reapply for admission to Memorial. As stipulated in the Code of Student Conduct, any application for readmission will be subject to a hearing.

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