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DATE: September 8, 2009

         This year Grenfell College will host a water bottle-free orientation. 

          “We plan to eliminate the use of non-reusable water bottles at Orientation 2009 to promote sustainability and to reduce waste,” said Nyasha Musandu, orientation marketing co-ordinator. “We have joined several other universities across Canada which are also making their orientations water bottle-free.” 

          Inside the Bottle is a nationwide campaign to eliminate the use of bottled water through the rebuilding of public tap systems. It is an initiative that focuses on individuals taking a personal stance against the use of bottled water. The key focus of the campaign is the environmental, health, social and economic impacts of bottled water.

         “Various municipalities, schools, universities and other institutions across Canada have decided to take part in this initiative,” said Ms. Musandu.

          In joining the movement’s ranks, Grenfell College demonstrates its commitment to becoming a leader on environmental issue and healthy living initiatives, as reflected in its five-year strategic plan.

          “The spirit of Orientation 2009 is one that aspires to make all new students part of the Grenfell community right from the beginning,” she said. “Getting involved with the Inside the Bottle campaign is an excellent way to align the overall vision of the college with the entire orientation initiative, all the while raising awareness of the importance of sustainability.”

          For more information about the national initiative and how you can get involved, visit www.insidethebottle.org.

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