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DATE: September 17, 2009

         Grenfell theatre student Meghan Greeley and theatre alumna Sherry White are getting some good press these days, thanks to Ms. White’s film “Crackie.” 
         The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this week and is a favourite of the critics. Ms. White wrote and directed the film, which was produced by Jennice Ripley and Rhonda Buckley.
        Ms. Greeley, who is in her fourth year at Grenfell, played “Mitsy,” a 17-year-old girl who lives in a decrepit house in a small town in Newfoundland.
         According to the film’s synopsis, Mitsy was raised by and lives with her grandmother. Bride, played by Mary Walsh, spends her days scrounging in the local dump and her nights entertaining men in her bedroom. Mitsy is accepted as a student at the local college, studying hair design. Her harsh-tongued grandmother is secretly proud of her. She wants Mitsy to elevate her life. She has no idea that Mitsy secretly plans to move to Alberta to live with her real mother, Gwennie, after graduating. Mitsy has a crush on smooth talking Duffy,, who convinces her to adopt his old ratty mutt (hence the title of the film). Mitsy hopes the pathetic dog is a quick answer to her lonely prayers. She looks for stability in her new responsibility as a dog owner. But when Gwennie shows up unexpectedly and stirs up trouble, Mitsy’s world starts to unravel. She must decide whether the woman who raised her is her enemy, or her strongest ally.
         The film’s final screening at TIFF will be Thursday night; it was also screened Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Ms. Greeley was flown to Toronto by the festival to attend the screenings. 
          Globe and Mail writer John Doyle described Ms. White’s work as “a small masterpiece of Canadian realism…gorgeously made, this hushed, intelligent movie has no sentimentality and marks the arrival of a major filmmaking talent.”
Ms. Greeley’s talent was also featured in this month’s edition of Elle Magazine, which touts her as “one of Canada’s hottest new actresses.”

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