News Release

REF NO.: 157

SUBJECT: PSA: Information session for 2010 Footsteps Experience

DATE: November 19, 2009

Kevin Major and the Faculty of Arts will be holding an information session on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. in room AA-5014 (Dean of Arts boardroom) for those interested in the 2010 Footsteps experience. In the Footsteps of a Regiment is a unique 14-day journey of remembrance in honour of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment that takes participants to key locations in England, France and Belgium.
The tour begins in the streets of St. John’s where participants will visit archival collections and the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum. To foster a personal connection, each traveller is encouraged to choose a member of the Newfoundland Regiment to research at the Provincial Archives in The Rooms, and then follow that soldier’s path, perhaps to where he is buried.
In England the group will lodge at Memorial’s Harlow campus and visit the Imperial War Museum. Then it’s on to France, where participants will follow the trail of the Caribou, visiting all four battle sites in France that feature the famous statue. The 2010 trip also takes in the sixth Caribou monument in Belgium.
Further information on the program can be found at www.mun.ca/artsfriends/footsteps/index.php. Please RSVP for the Dec. 1 session by e-mailing jharron@mun.ca . Free parking is available in Lot 15.

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