News Release

REF NO.: 251

SUBJECT: PSA: Henrietta Harvey lecture to explore identity in the ancient past

DATE: February 16, 2010

A distinguished scholar from Sheffield University will deliver the Henrietta Harvey Lecture at Memorial University on Thursday, March 18.    
Dr. Marek Zvelebil, an archaeologist who specializes in the European Stone Age, will explore the idea of ethnic, social and individual identity in the ancient past, with particular reference to Europe and the spread of Indo European languages. He will try to explain why 19th-century-derived notions of nationalism mask the diversity that actually exists within communities and larger social units.
His lecture, Social Roles, Personhoods and Nationalism: Establishing Identities in Prehistory, will start at 7 p.m. in ED-3034A of the Education building. The lecture is open to all and free parking will be available in Area 16A.        
In addition to the Henrietta Harvey Lecture, Dr. Zvelebil will give a talk on Friday, March 19, to the archaeology department titled Post-Glacial Recolonization of Europe: The Mergence of a Social Tradition. This is also open to the public and takes place in Queen’s College 2013.

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