News Release

REF NO.: 156

SUBJECT: New ocean mapping program at the Marine Institute

DATE: March 18, 2010

The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University (MI) is launching a new program that will provide students with the opportunity to foster long-term careers in the ocean technology sector. The new program, joint diploma of technology/bachelor of technology in ocean mapping, will be offered by the Institute’s School of Ocean Technology this coming fall.
The Ocean Mapping program is designed specifically to produce outstanding graduates with a solid background in collecting, managing, analyzing and disseminating ocean data. The program prepares graduates for careers in government and institutional marine research, positions in hydrographic surveying, the environment, private sector offshore mineral resources exploration industries, and marine hardware and software development.
“The Ocean Mapping program is a natural progression for the school as it continues to grow and respond to industry needs,” said Dwight Howse, head, School of Ocean Technology. “The study of ocean mapping is a key niche in the ocean technology field.”
This program is designed to give students expertise in all aspects of ocean mapping, including collecting physical, biological and chemical data about the ocean from ships or deployed instrumentation. Students will also learn to use satellite imagery to determine physical parameters in the ocean and develop skills to analyze and present this information with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This is achieved through both classroom instruction and hands-on technical classes.
             “By some accounts, only one per cent of the world's oceans have been mapped,” added Mr. Howse. “The ocean mapping program seeks to increase this percentage by training more ocean experts to expand this highly important work.”
The program is open to high school graduates meeting the Marine Institute’s applications and admission requirements, or by transfer from another post-secondary institution. Applications for this program are being accepted now. Students can learn more about these programs by visiting www.whereyouwanttobe.ca  or by calling the Marine Institute’s Student Recruitment office at 1-800-563-5799.

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