News Release

REF NO.: 17

SUBJECT: MI International seeking support for children of developing world

DATE: September 23, 2009

The Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University of Newfoundland, as a member of Bridging the Divide, is seeking support for a project that is changing lives in the developing world.
The Marine Institute’s MI International, Dockside Appetizers and Allen’s Fisheries have teamed up to sell locally produced gourmet cheesy shrimp kicker wontons and crispy Thai crab kicker wontons in support of NIR Ideal Home.
NIR Ideal Home is a registered non-profit organization that provides skills training to marginalized villagers and mentally and physically challenged youth in Harua village, Calcutta, in India’s West Bengal province. It was founded in 2004 by two Haruan teenagers, Sonali and Klaam, who were searching for ways to provide training for mentally and physically challenged youth in their community.
By approaching people living and working in their village and its surroundings, Sonali and Klaam were able to raise enough money to build a new school, set up classes and encourage children to learn new skills such as sign language, embroidery and carpentry. 
By 2008, enough money had been raised to further improve infrastructure and programs in the developing village. The NIR Ideal Home initiative has helped provide formal education and practical training for a group of people who were in great need of such assistance. It now supports programs that teach sewing, carpentry, physiotherapy and various other skilled trades. The school has experienced a high level of success and aspires to continue providing free education for children in the area.
The collaboration between MI International, Dockside Appetizers and Allen’s Fisheries, known as Bridging the Divide, aims to help NIR Ideal Home continue to make significant improvements and advancements in the village of Harua. More funding is needed in part because many mentally and physically challenged youth from the surrounding areas are experiencing great difficulty getting to and from the new school. A reliable form of transportation is necessary for these children to take full advantage of the programs available.
Bridging the Divide hopes to raise enough money to purchase two vehicles for NIR Ideal Home, vehicles that will be used to transport children to and from the school in Harua village. Proceeds from the sales of gourmet cheesy shrimp kicker wontons and crispy Thai crab kicker wontons, products that were developed by MI’s Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development in conjunction with Dockside Appetizers and produced by Allen’s Fisheries, go directly to this cause.
The gourmet product is available in special two kilogram boxes (90 pieces per box) at a price of $20. Normally such a product has a higher retail value, but the price has been decreased for the purpose of this fund raiser. The discount price is only available until mid-November.
To purchase this gourmet product and support NIR Ideal Home, just obtain a coupon from one of three locations: MI International, Marine Institute, 155 Ridge Road, St. John’s (778-0484); Oliver’s Restaurant, 160 Water Street, St. John's (754-6444) and Donovan’s Irving, 65 Clyde Avenue, Mount Pearl (364-8936). The coupons can be redeemed for the cheesy shrimp kicker wontons and crispy Thai crab kicker wontons at two Coleman’s grocery stores, 129 Merrymeeting Rd., St. John’s (576-3283) and 6 Centennial Square, Mount Pearl (368-7921).
To learn more about this project, please visit www.allensfisheries.com/index2.html.

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