News Release

REF NO.: 50

SUBJECT: Memorial University event committee to stage group freeze at University Centre

DATE: October 16, 2009

Note to editors:
The following event may be of interest to videographers and photographers:
The viral video trend is touching down on Memorial's St. John’s campus. Similar to the co-ordinated mass freeze by New Yorkers at Grand Central Station and the impromptu dance show orchestrated by communications giant T-Mobile at a London train station, Memorial’s I Love MUNdays committee is co-ordinating a planned group freeze, for about one-and-a-half minutes. Participants will be  stopping on cue, frozen in time, and could be flipping open their cell, tying their shoelaces or whatever pose they happen to be in. To add to the excitement, Memorial University, in partnership with local break dancing group the East Rock Crew and MUN Moves, will end the freeze with a break out of random break dancing.
The event -- which will be filmed and placed on You Tube and Memorial's website -- will take place at 12 noon on Monday, Oct. 19, in the University Centre food court on the St. John's campus. The group freeze will last approximately 10 minutes.

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