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SUBJECT: Memorial University announces Rant like Rick 2010 winners

DATE: April 27, 2010

The results are in! The first place winner of this year’s Rant like Rick contest is Kyle Aucoin from Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, who wins the Rant like Rick Award valued at $10,000. The second place winner is Avineet Sekhon from St. John’s, NL and third place winner is Micah Brown from Richmond, PE, who will both be awarded free tuition for two semesters at Memorial.
“Again this year, we are thrilled with the results of the Rant like Rick campaign,” says Shona Perry-Maidment, director of student recruitment. “The level of creativity and the enthusiasm displayed in this year’s entries is truly remarkable. We are delighted that these students made Memorial their university of choice.”
A grade 12 student at Lockview High School, Kyle Aucoin’s rant was inspired by the amount of time that his peers were spending on Facebook, and what celebrities are doing on Twitter. He says, “I was sick of all my friends spending hours out of their days on Facebook just doing pointless things.”
A grade 12 student at Holy Heart of Mary High School, Avineet Sekhon says she used the Rant like Rick contest to “express the sheer panic being faced by my fellow graduates and myself.” She goes on to say that high school graduation can be a very stressful time, especially with the increase in school work load.
A grade 12 student at Three Oaks Senior High School, Micah Brown’s rant stressed the importance of supporting all ages’ music. Micah says “I chose this subject for its unique subject matter. Local art is extremely important in every community.”
The Rant like Rick campaign is based on the concept of Rick Mercer’s rant component of his show The Rick Mercer Report. In total, 76 entries from across Canada were included in this year’s campaign.
To view the winning rants, visit www.mun.ca/rant.

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