News Release

REF NO.: 266

SUBJECT: Memorial on Parade reunion

DATE: August 25, 2010

Note to editors:
WHO          More than 450 alumni who attended the original Memorial campus on Parade Street will gather to celebrate the origins of Memorial University. There are alumni arriving from as far away as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, other parts of Canada and the United States.
WHAT:           A three-day celebration of Memorial University’s original campus on Parade Street. The events include a reception with the lieutenant-governor, reflection sessions, a tour of the original campus and a banquet. A full schedule is available at http://my.munalum.ca/events/parade.php.
WHEN:          Aug. 26-28, 2010
WHERE:        Various locations around the city. Please consult the schedule of events at <font color="#990000">http://my.munalum.ca/events/parade.php</font>.

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