News Release

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SUBJECT: Marine Institute invites media to view Battle of the Atlantic simulation

DATE: July 5, 2010

Note to editors:
            The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland (MI) invites the media to view a simulation of the Battle of the Atlantic on Tuesday, July 6, at 9 a.m.
            The realistic and immersive simulation of a Second World War corvette as it escorts a convoy across the North Atlantic, will take place at MI’s Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) at the Ridge Road campus in St. John’s. Media will be given a tour of CMS by Capt. Christopher Hearn, director of the Centre for Marine Simulation.
            The simulation of the Battle of the Atlantic, a treacherous, seven-year campaign to escort convoys of merchant ships between North America and Europe during the Second World War, will give the media a chance to experience first-hand what it is like to “virtually” sail onboard ships in a convoy in the Battle of the Atlantic. The simulator’s 360-degree visibility and full motion will bring the convoy to life as the corvette and crew interact to protect a slow moving convoy.
            The simulation will be available to the public from July 14 – Aug. 30, 2010.
            The public can book tours of the Battle of the Atlantic by visiting www.mi.mun.ca/battle-of-the-atlantic/.  All tours are free of charge.
            The simulation was created in association with the Canadian Navy to celebrate the Canadian Navy Centennial. The Marine Institute has a long and distinguished partnership with the Canadian Navy. Since 1992, the Marine Institute has graduated more than 800 navy cadets and houses the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School (CFNES St. John’s) on its campus.

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