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SUBJECT: Grenfell PSA: Grenfell College launches ASAP program

DATE: February 4, 2010

         Students will help students through a new program developed by Grenfell’s Division of Student Services.

         The ASAP (Academic Success Assisted by Peers) program was launched on Wednesday in the former foyer of the Arts and Science Building.

         “The ASAP program is open to all Grenfell students,” said Anna Russell-Mercier of Grenfell’s Division of Student Services. “It will operate via a portable answers-style kiosk. Trained peer mentors will be assigned to this one-stop information booth, which will be set-up in visible, high traffic areas such as the main corridor of the Arts and Science Building, the GCSU food court and the Fine Arts atrium.”

          Peer mentors are being trained to assist students with questions relevant to studying at Grenfell and living in Corner Brook, such as information about the Learning Centre and its academic support programs; Student Housing and Off-campus Housing Offices; wellness and recreation information; other information regarding loans, scholarships, counseling referrals; Ferriss Hodgett Library, Computing and Communications, and the Bursar’s Office.

          At the launch, students were invited to stop by the kiosk to pick up a free coffee, answer trivia questions to win prizes and receive information from fellow students pertaining to Grenfell and its surroundings, important university dates and deadlines, upcoming events and opportunities, referrals to services on campus, and tips and techniques for managing time, taking effective notes and performing well on tests.

          For more information about the ASAP program, email asap@swgc.mun.ca or contact Student Services at Grenfell College at 709-637-6232.

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