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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Learn the importance of project management through two-day Community Education course

DATE: January 7, 2010

     21st century businesses and organizations are starting to “get it” – project management is the key to succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace.

     More and more organizations are learning the value of project-based operations; Community Education’s newest business course, the Fundamentals of Project Management, addresses this important trend.

     “The demand for skilled project managers who are tasked with delivering a project on time, on budget and within scope, is increasing,” said Marilyn Forward, program developer with Community Education and College Relations. “This seminar will cover all the components of successful project management, including defining scope, planning, cost management, project termination, and the importance of good people skills. Hands-on activities, exercises and real-life examples will reinforce classroom learning.”

     Facilitator Chip Clark will guide participants as they acquire skills including the identification of what defines a project and your role as project manager; recognizing the components of a project: planning, execution and termination; understand project planning: what needs to be done, the deliverables, organization, scheduling and resource allocation; understand project execution: monitoring and control, risk management, conflict; management, project evaluation and auditing, and status reporting; and understanding project termination: when and why projects need to terminated, side effects, and the project post-mortem.

     Ms. Clark is an organization development consultant with more than 25 years experience in working with a variety of clients: corporations, small businesses, government agencies, non-profit service providers and individual executives and managers. She first learned about project management as part of an operations research effort in California in 1989. This research identified the practices that enabled project leaders to succeed in high-tech companies and on projects developing novel technologies in a rapidly changing business environment. Since then she has taught project management to hundreds of people across the United States and Canada, working for organizations such as Apple Computer, municipal governments and small, local arts organizations. She brings a wealth of experience, specific examples, stories and humour to the art and science of project management.

     “If you’re new to project management, have recently become a member of a project team or want formal project management training, you will find this course beneficial,” said Ms. Forward.

     The Fundamentals of Project Management runs Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 12-13, 2010, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The fee of $395 plus HST includes all teaching materials, certificate of attendance, lunches and refreshments.

     For more information about the Fundamentals of Project Management or any other course offered through Community Education, contact Marilyn Forward at mforward@swgc.mun.ca or 709.637.6207.

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