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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Grenfell recruiter participates in international recruitment conference

DATE: July 22, 2010

          Last weekend Grenfell international recruitment officer Tony Adey had a chance to meet with high school guidance counselors from all over the world.
          The annual conference of the Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling was held at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, July 15-17.
          The mission of the association is to facilitate global interaction among counselors and institutions in support of students in their transition from secondary to higher education.
          “The conference provided Grenfell with a solid starting point to begin our official international student recruitment plans as outlined in Grenfell’s 2008-13 Strategic Plan,” said Carolyn Parsons, manager, Student Recruitment Office. “We’ve been working to develop our recruitment plans for the 2010-11 season, in collaboration with the recruitment team at the St. John’s campus, and have identified key markets that will hopefully increase international student enrolment at Grenfell.”
          Meanwhile Mr. Adey said the conference afforded Memorial representatives from Grenfell and the St. John’s campus the opportunity to network with high school counselors and international agents, adding that last year’s conference saw 194 secondary counselors from 63 countries, representing five continents, meet more than 400 college and university admission officers and other admission professionals.
          Sessions at the conference included regional updates on international recruitment markets and using technology as a vehicle for international student recruitment.
          “Through networking and conference sessions, we learned more about international student recruitment marketplaces,” said Mr. Adey. “We look forward to applying this knowledge so we can carry out further research and identify recruitment markets of which we were previously unaware or perhaps didn’t stand out as a key market.”

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