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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Director of Knowledge Infrastructure Program visits Grenfell campus tours new extension site

DATE: August 5, 2010

          The director of Industry Canada’s Knowledge Infrastructure Program was pleased to see his department’s funding put in motion at Memorial University’s campus in Corner Brook.
          Tim Stupich, who is based in Ottawa, was on campus recently to tour the construction site of Grenfell College’s new academic extension and to receive progress reports from project managers.
          The federal and provincial governments announced a significant investment in infrastructure for Grenfell College in May 2009. The federal funding is part of the Knowledge Infrastructure Program, a two-year $2-billion economic stimulus measure to support infrastructure enhancement at Canadian post-secondary institutions, including universities and community colleges. The provincial funding is part of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s $4-billion, multi-year infrastructure strategy.
          “I was very interested in seeing the progress being made here,” said Mr. Stupich, who noted there are 536 similar projects ongoing across Canada. “It’s an exciting new building; it will be a good facility for sciences, especially with the astronomical telescope being installed. Seeing the structural steel going up, you can really see the progress now.”
          Mr. Stupich said the activity on the site is also encouraging as one of the main objectives of the Knowledge Infrastructure Program is getting people working and to stimulate the economy.
          “In addition, this program was developed through Industry Canada to fuel new opportunities and training in advanced knowledge areas,” he said.
          The new building, which will adjoin the Arts and Science Building at the existing main entrance, will add much-needed academic, research, computer and meeting spaces, and will be a striking architectural feature of the campus. Disciplines such as chemistry, physics, earth science, biology and ecological economics will benefit from the addition. Faculty and staff offices, as well as dedicated study areas for students, will also be included; small group rooms will be particularly important for our business program. The extension will also house a state-of-the-art observatory, featuring a telescope valued at just under $500,000.

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