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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Boulder Publications is delighted that its book, Birds of Newfoundland: Field Guide, has won the 2010 Best Atlantic-Published Book Award

DATE: April 23, 2010

The jury had this to say about the prize-winning title at the Atlantic Book Awards gala in Halifax last week:

This is a gem among bird field guides. Its use of symbols to convey information and its consistent format make it easy to use. The authors and publisher have achieved their goal of a bird guide workable for the general public. The durable waterproof binding is exactly what a field guide needs. Each page is organized with unique efficiency and clarity, chock-full of the information birders need at a glance, as well as beautiful, full-colour illustrations throughout. This book has broken new ground not only in its geographical area of Newfoundland, but as a model for bird field guides anywhere. It will be treasured by birders and naturalists, visitors and native Newfoundlanders for a long, long time.

This award, which comes with a $4,000 prize to the publisher and $1,000 to the authors, is a first for Boulder Publications and is a significant achievement for the Portugal Cove - St Philip’s based company.

“Being awarded this prestigious prize is a tremendous honour, especially considering how competitive the book publishing industry is in Atlantic Canada,” said Boulder Publications president Gavin Will. “This book is a celebration of this province’s natural history, while also being a commercial success story for our company.”

This Best Atlantic-Published Book Award is given to a publisher whose book possesses the best balance of content, presentation, quality of design and production, as well as contributes to an understanding of Atlantic Canada.

Written by Sir Wilfred Grenfell College professor Ian Warkentin and Cupids-based editor Sandy Newton, this first-ever field guide to the birds of Newfoundland includes a unique bird identification system. It was designed by Boulder Publications in collaboration with Granite Studios, a St. John’s graphic design firm. The book also features the artwork of renowned naturalist Roger Tory Peterson, who painted the birds of Newfoundland during the 1940s.

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