News Release

REF NO.: 221

SUBJECT: Education faculty member to receive national award

DATE: June 8, 2010

Dr. Marc Glassman, Faculty of Education, will be presented with the National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) Innovative Technology Award later this month in Fredricton. Dr. Glassman is receiving this award for his contribution to the Stella Burry Community Services Workplace Literacy Project.
Stella Burry Community Services is a non-profit organization in St. John’s which provides affordable housing and employment skills training for adults.
“It was good to see the D of R&D being recognized, in that while my research has been in the area of adult literacy, from this research came the development of something that could directly benefit low-literacy adults in our community,” he said of his work at Memorial.
Dr. Glassman heads the Workplace Literacy Project, which engaged content experts in the fields of carpentry and food-services to provide input on the essential skills, vocabulary and foundational knowledge in these two areas. Dr. Glassman converted this content and designed an approach to achieve the desired learning outcomes.
“I am honored that I was able to play a role in a team effort to help bring about an industry-specific, computer-mediated program which will enable low-literacy adults to more easily enter the workforce. While I may have been the first recipient of this NALD Award, the adult learners who are assisted by this program are the true winners,” he said.

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