News Release

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SUBJECT: Alumni Tribute Awards recipients announced

DATE: September 16, 2009

On Oct. 27, the Alumni Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland will once again celebrate the achievements of some of its most accomplished members.
“We are very excited to be able to announce this year’s recipients of the Alumni Tribute Awards. They are truly exceptional alumni who have made an extraordinary contribution to their communities and to Memorial,” said Heidi Janes, co-chair of the Alumni Tribute Awards.
Dr. Edward Roberts is the 2009 recipient of the Alumni of the Year award. Dr. Roberts has dedicated his life to Newfoundland and Labrador as a public servant, Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador and the chair of the Board of Regents of Memorial University.
“Dr. Roberts’ passion for this province, its people, its history and especially for Labrador is unrivaled,” said Ms. Janes. “I cannot imagine a person more deserving of this award.”
Harold Mullowney is the recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Community Service Award. “Anybody who knows Mr. Mullowney, knows that dedication to his community is exemplary. We are very proud to count him as one of our own and we are excited to be able to recognize his community work with the highest praise we can bestow on our alumni,” said Ms. Jones.
Mr. Mullowney’s dedication to his home community of Bay Bulls and the entire Irish Loop is unprecedented. As a councillor, mayor, volunteer and community organizer, Mr. Mullowney is a driving force behind a range of environmental, economic development, tourism, heritage and civic initiatives and partnerships in the area.
“Priscilla Corcoran Mooney has boundless energy,” said Ms. Jones of this year’s Horizon Award recipient. The award recognizes extraordinary achievements of Memorial alumni under the age of 35.
Ms. Corcoran Mooney is an entrepreneur, a health worker, community activist and the youngest mayor in the community of Branch.
“Her passion about rural Newfoundland communities is contagious,” said Ms. Jones.
The recipient of the 2009 J.D. Eaton Alumni Award recognizing outstanding contribution to Memorial University is Tom Bursey. The founder and the current chair of the Affinity Newfoundland and Labrador Ottawa Dinner, Mr. Bursey has been a driving force behind one of the most successful alumni events in the university’s history.
“Tom’s infectious enthusiasm is impossible to resist. The importance of the Affinity Dinners – entirely Tom’s concept – is impossible to overestimate. These events bring together alumni in four major Canadian centres and are crucial in creating and keeping the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that started at Memorial,” said Ms. Jones.
An internationally-recognized expert in human resources, Tom has always been generous with his time, talent and support for Memorial.
“Alumni Tribute Awards are a really special event. This is a unique opportunity to pause and recognize remarkable achievements of people who have called Memorial home at some point in their lives and who still maintain a strong connection to the university,” said Ms. Jones.
This year’s ceremony will take place on Oct. 27 at R. Gushue Hall.

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