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DATE: December 7, 2006

A 15-20 metre rise in sea-level within 500 years, a 10 degrees Celsius rise in regional temperatures around the North Atlantic within 20 years – no, these are not from the latest Hollywood adventure, but well-documented events from the last deglaciation. Climate change has become a pivotal environmental issue, with the polar and sub-polar regions expected to experience the strongest change. Abrupt climate change potentially carries the greatest impact but is also the most difficult aspect of climate dynamics to understand.
            Hoping to sharpen our understanding of the uncertainties associated with the interactions between ice and climate, Dr. Lev Tarasov has been named Canada Research Chair in Glacial Dynamics Modelling at Memorial University. Dr. Tarasov intends to accomplish this through modelling the glacial climate system.
            Dr. Tarasov’s appointment was announced by Maxime Bernier, minister of Industry and minister responsible for the Canada Research Chairs Program, along with the renewal of Dr. Peter Hart as Canada Research Chair in Irish Studies at Memorial. 
            Dr. Hart is author of three books on Irish history - British Intelligence in Ireland (2002); The I.R.A. at War (2003) and Mick: the Real Michael Collins (2005) – and he is current working on The Michael Collins Papers for publication in 2007. His research focuses on the Irish Revolution of 1916-23, a period of fundamental change that established both an independent Irish state and a separate Northern Ireland.
            "The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of investing in university research," said Minister Bernier. "This investment will enable our universities to develop the expertise and innovative ideas that fuel economic competitiveness and create new jobs for Canadians."
            “Both Dr. Tarasov and Dr. Hart’s research has broad meaning for our global community,” said Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research). “Dr. Tarasov’s research will support ongoing discussions concerning policy response to global change. Dr. Hart continues to bring a wider analytical perspective on the roles ethnicity, ideology and violence have played in Ireland’s history. We are grateful to the Canada Research Chair program for their continuing efforts to help our university attract and retain the highest quality researchers to our institution.”

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