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SUBJECT: New partnership in engineering at Memorial University could help bring natural gas from the arctic

DATE: September 5, 2006

BMT Fleet Technology Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Ltd, is launching a new program of arctic research in cooperation with Memorial University of Newfoundland. 
The arctic is rapidly becoming a key area of activity for offshore oil and gas development and the Ocean and Arctic Structures Research Program, funded by BMT, will support researchers at Memorial University in this field. The university and BMT have long been centres of research in ice and structures. This program creates an industry-leading team for cold regions development with extensive arctic research and design expertise.
Dr. Claude Daley, chair of the Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering program, will be the first director of the BMT Ocean and Arctic Structures Research Program, which will see BMT fund graduate students. “This is the ideal form of industrial support for universities”, said Dr. Daley.  The research activities and results will all be open and public domain, with none of the specified focus that is sometimes associated with industrial support. BMT has a great depth of expertise and we’ll gain a great deal from their input and collaboration. Graduate students want to know that their research is leading edge and relevant to industry. 
BMT’s input will ensure that the students have the best of opportunities. Dr. Daley adds that the students will be engaged in research such as ship structures, ice loads, ice mechanics, safety, regulation, and structural sensors, with input for topics from BMT.
The world’s growing concern about greenhouse gases has made natural gas a highly sought after commodity, leading to a rapidly growing interest in the many large fields of natural gas in cold regions. However, shipping liquefied natural gas in the arctic presents many challenges in the areas of ice loads and ship strength research. Both BMT and Memorial University have a long history of applied research and development in the areas of structural design and testing, evacuation, risk assessment, and vessel operability and survivability.
The official announcement of the BMT Ocean and Arctic Structures Research Program will be made at a wine and cheese reception on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. in the Junior Common Room, R. Gushue Hall Irwin’s Road, St. John’s campus, Memorial University.
Media are invited to attend

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