News Release

REF NO.: 66

SUBJECT: Memorial University to recognize outstanding teachers, researchers and staff members

DATE: November 21, 2006

Media agencies are invited to send representatives to the President’s Awards ceremony which is taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006. Outstanding faculty (teaching and research) and the efforts of outstanding staff will be recognized at this ceremony. The ceremony begins at 12 p.m. in The Fluvarium located on Nagle's Place (Pippy Park).
            Memorial University president Dr. Axel Meisen and other senior university officials will be in attendance. Luncheon reception will follow the ceremony. Information on awards follows below.
Teaching and Research Awards Presentation
            Through a competitive selection process, faculty members with demonstrated achievement in teaching and research are accorded one of the following distinctions: the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching, the President's Award for Outstanding Research or University Research Professor.
Employee Service Awards Presentation
            The President's Award for Exemplary Service will be presented to five university employees who have been recognized by both their colleagues and the senior administration of the university.           

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