News Release

REF NO.: 119

SUBJECT: Memorial University launches university-wide employee opinion survey

DATE: February 22, 2007

From Feb. 26 to March 9, employees of Memorial University will be asked to participate in a comprehensive opinion survey. The survey is being conducted in order to ensure that the university offers an excellent working environment for its employees and, in part, as a result of a report prepared by Dr. Shirley Katz on the employment experience of the late Dr. Deepa Khosla. Dr. Katz’s report contained a number of recommendations, including the recommendation to conduct a survey of women employees. The action group addressing this recommendation determined that the survey should be broadened to include all employees. 
            The survey will seek information on the perception of employees on issues such as the quality and climate of the working environment, the effectiveness of current policies and appropriateness of current procedures. The survey will take about 45 minutes to complete and responses can be provided online or on paper. Employees will be given the time to fill out the survey during their working hours; participation is voluntary.
            “For this survey to be successful, we need the wide participation of our employees,” said Dr. Axel Meisen, Memorial University’s president. “If the survey suggests major changes, we will act on the suggestions upon careful analysis and consultation with employees. At present, 12 action groups are working on Dr. Katz’s recommendations and the survey results will be very helpful to them.”
            Workplace Health Research Lab, a research and consulting organization at Brock University in Ontario, has been contracted to ensure that the survey is prepared and conducted in a manner that reflects the highest professional standards of surveying. The confidentiality of responses will be ensured by employees providing their responses to Workplace Health Research Lab only. A comprehensive report, showing grouped data only, will be prepared by Workplace Health Research Lab by the end of April. The report will be made public and it will include an assessment of how Memorial University compares with other universities and similar organizations.

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