News Release

REF NO.: 185

SUBJECT: Memorial University files Statement of Defense in the lawsuit launched by Marilyn Harvey against the university

DATE: May 14, 2007

The following statement was issued by Memorial University today:
Memorial University has formally filed a Statement of Defense in the lawsuit brought against it by Marilyn Harvey, the research nurse who worked with Dr. Ranjit Chandra at the Janeway Hospital. Ms. Harvey is suing the university.
In its Statement of Defense, Memorial University denies the allegations made by Ms. Harvey. There is no factual or legal basis for her claim.
The university’s defense is summarized as follows:
  • Ms. Harvey was under secondment from the Janeway Hospital to Dr. Chandra to assist him in the capacity of research nurse from October 1987-February 1994. At no time material to this action was Marilyn Harvey either an employee of Memorial University or otherwise under the direct care or control of Memorial University.
  • In 1993, the chairman of pediatrics at the Janeway Hospital forwarded to the president of Memorial University a complaint regarding the research practices of Dr. Ranjit Chandra that was based, at least in part, upon information obtained from Ms. Harvey.
  • Memorial University proceeded with a full and complete investigation of the complaint in accordance with its obligations and responsibilities.
  • The investigation involved a review and consideration of all of the information available to it, which included conflicting evidence supporting both the complaint and Dr. Chandra’s defense of the complaint.
  • Based on the information gathered during the course of the investigation, Memorial University properly determined there was insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint against Dr. Chandra.
  • At all times during its investigation of the complaint, Memorial University met its obligations to Ms. Harvey and treated her in a fair and appropriate manner.

The university will not be commenting further as the matter is before the courts.

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