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SUBJECT: Grenfell - When in Rome...Grenfell student to study abroad this spring

DATE: April 19, 2007

Grenfell historical studies student Josh Tavenor will see history come to life when he travels to Rome next month.
The second-year student was encouraged by Dr. Michael Parker, Grenfell College classics professor, to participate in the University of New Brunswick's intersession program in Rome. Students in the program "do as the Romans do" for a month, exploring and discovering a wealth of information about the history, art and culture of one of the most historically influential cities in the world - Rome.
"My interest in classics and history started a long time ago," said Mr. Tavenor. "This topic interests me so much because I love to learn about civilization and how we've gotten to where we are today."
The credits Mr. Tavenor earns through the UNB course will be applied toward his degree at Grenfell College. 
He said that the trip will provide an experience far different then any reading he could have done on the subject.
"Actually being in Rome studying the history of the city gives you a feeling of immediacy - actually being there," he said. "Reading books makes the place and the history surrounding it a distant thing. Through this way you are learning history through your eyes - unfiltered and real."

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