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SUBJECT: Grenfell - Grenfell College Canada Research Chair awarded significant grant

DATE: March 12, 2007

CORNER BROOK - Canada Research Chair Dr. Murray Rudd has been awarded a significant grant from the SSHRC Presidential Fund for Innovation and Development.
The funding comes from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Three grants, including Dr. Rudd's, were awarded nationally as a result of a special competition on "Capturing the Outcomes and Impacts of Canadian Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities".  
"Research in the social sciences and humanities has the potential to improve the lives of Canadians in many ways; however, the pathways by which research has impacts on quality of life are not well understood. Further, it is very difficult to assess the 'value' of this research," said Dr. Rudd, Grenfell College's Canada Research Chair in Ecological Economics.
"In this project, I will be using some of the tools developed in the environmental economics field to understand and value research impacts," he added. "Essentially, I will be assessing the trade-offs people are willing to make between different factors affecting their quality of life. For instance, are people willing to give up some financial wealth for a more vibrant culture? The research will involve a national internet survey of the public and extensive interviews with social science and humanities researchers. Our hope is that this project will help to clarify when and how social science and humanities research is a wise public investment."
The grant, valued at $25,000, will support Dr. Rudd's efforts to apply the economic valuation tools from environmental economics to assessing the 'non-market' benefits of social sciences and humanities research, said Dr. John Ashton, principal of Grenfell College.
"This is the third significant award that Dr. Rudd has received since joining us last summer and augurs well for the development of a significant research program around our Canada Research Chair," said Dr. Ashton.

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