Curriculum Vitae


  • 2002 PDF, Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta
  • 1999 PhD Metabolism and Nutrition, University of Guelph/University of Alberta
  • 1994 MSc Metabolism and Nutrition, McMaster University/University of Guelph
  • 1991- BArts&Sci Arts & Science Programme, McMaster University

Academic Appointments:

  • Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • 2002-2013 Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition (MUN)


  • Huber L, Lee T, LeDrew RL, Dodge ME, Brunton JA, Bertolo RF. 2018. Photoprotection, but not N-acetylcysteine supplementation, improves intestinal blood flow and hepatic lipid peroxidation during parenteral nutrition in neonatal piglets. J Pediatr Gastroent Nutr. In press.
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