Current and Recent Courses:

  • BIOC/HKR 2600: Introduction to Human Nutrition. The course provides an overview of human nutrition with an emphasis on topics of current interest. Students will gain an understanding of nutrition in the context of health maintenance across the life span. Topics covered will include nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition for infants, Canadian Recommended Nutrient Intakes / Dietary Reference Intakes, weight loss and weight gain, nutriceuticals and ergogenic aids.
  • BIOC 3203 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. This course is the cornerstone for the study of nutrition. The sources, mechanisms of absorption and physiological roles of nutrients is discussed within the context of growth, maintenance, reproduction and overall health in humans.
  • BIOC 4300: Advanced Nutrition: Current Controversies. This is a course in which current controversies and trends in human nutrition are presented and discussed using the scientific literature. Skills-based course emphasizing evaluation of the literature, writing abstracts and disseminating information in oral and written formats.
  • BIOC 6400: Topics in Nutrition and Metabolism. Graduate Metabolism course emphasizing research and inquiry skills.