Message from the Vice-Provost, EDI-AR



My name is Dr. Delores V. Mullings and I am Memorial University's inaugural Vice-Provost, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (EDI-AR). The EDI-AR office provides leadership to Memorial University to advance sustainable structural and systemic transformations across all campuses. 

Memorial is in its infancy of formal justice and equity work, but we have a long history of human rights, equity, diversity and anti-racism activism. With that in mind, I have created partnerships on and off campus to build on the important work that has already been done at Memorial, while expanding those efforts in ways that are new to the university.  

Engagement across all campuses

During much of my first year as vice-provost, EDI-AR, I focused my work on establishing an office. September 2023 marked the end of my second year in this portfolio, and I am happy to now lead a small team of four talented, curious and committed individuals who shoulder the responsibility of implementing EDI-AR transformation at Memorial University. 

We are excited to engage the Memorial communities to improve the experiences of equity-deserving groups and create policies, programs and educational opportunities to address racism, accessibility, sexual and gender violence, discrimination and harassment, among others equity issues. 

I am proud to collaborate with and learn from students, staff, faculty and administrators across all of Memorial's campuses and local communities. These efforts include building an EDI-AR office from the ground up, creating an overarching human rights policy and procedures, collecting data, completing EDI-AR strategic planning consultations, creating an EDI-AR action plan, hosting events and activities, influencing cultural and policy changes and encouraging open dialogues. 

In particular, the office of EDI-AR honours and supports the ongoing work of the Office of Indigenous Affairs. We recognize their leadership work in challenging colonization and racism and forging a culture of decolonization and indigenization at Memorial. That work is often silent and invisible. 

EDI-AR work is everyone’s responsibility

The work of this portfolio affects each person at Memorial, and fostering a culture and practice of respect, honour and acceptance through a reconciliation, anti-colonial, racial justice, equity and inclusion lens is everyone's responsibility.

Most post-secondary institutions in Canada have their foundation in colonial ideas, practices and norms. Consciously embedding anti-racist practices and norms throughout Memorial's culture, policies and systems is essential to the success of this portfolio, and will make the university a more equitable and welcoming place for every member of its communities.

Memorial University attracts excellent students, faculty and staff from around the world. I am committed to having representation of this global community reflected in all areas of Memorial. With the support and participation of the Memorial communities, I am excited to continue providing the leadership to help transform Memorial into an EDI-AR giant among Canadian educational institutions, and beyond.