Strategic Planning Team

The EDI-AR Strategic Planning Team (SPT) was launched in Winter 2022, marking the beginning of the strategic planning process and bringing together many of those in the Memorial community with a displayed interest and investment in the portfolio’s aims.

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (EDI-AR) SPT was an independent entity, with direction provided by both the VP EDI-AR office and the EDI-AR Advisory Committee. The SPT provided institutional and content-area expertise and built capacity for the VP EDI-AR office. The team’s work reflected the goals of cultivating a pan-university campus culture and climate that demonstrates a nuanced and complex reflection of society and is accepting, equitable and inclusive. The SPT was an independent entity, with direction provided by both the VP EDI-AR office and the EDI-AR Advisory Committee. 

Voluntary membership on the SPT was solicited through the release of an expression of interest, shared with the Memorial community in Fall 2021. Members who submitted an expression of interest were appointed to the team for a duration of 24 months. In addition, to reflect the priority for balanced and representative membership, inclusive of all equity-deserving groups, the VP EDI-AR also approached individuals to solict their appointment to the SPT.

Collaborative Leadership (CL)

The SPT operated within the framework of Collaborative Leadership (CL), which respectfully recognizes the strengths and contributions of all participants. The team’s co-chairs and participants helped cultivate a collegial and co-operative environment through direct participation, helping to build capacity, and the sharing of content expertise, information and strategies. Team members strove to make decisions, reports and recommendations by consensus, to the extent possible, while earnestly and genuinely attempting to reflect the complex and nuanced views of its membership.

Role and Responsibilities of the SPT

The SPT was responsible for:

  • Operationalizing the strategic planning process, including wide consultation across Memorial’s five campuses.
  • Facilitating focus groups.
  • Reviewing and managing information gathered.
  • Helping to draft the .
  • Providing leadership to strategize the plan’s implementation.