Elder Oppression

Systematic age-based subordination and mistreatment of elders, through the restriction and denial of opportunities to exercise their social, economic and political power. Elder oppression includes restricted access to the goods, services and privileges of society, along with loss of voice and limited access to participation in society. 


The principle of considering people's unique experiences and differing situations, and ensuring they have access to the resources and opportunities that are necessary for them to attain just outcomes. Equity aims to eliminate disparities and disproportions that are rooted in historical and contemporary injustices and discrimination.


A social construct that divides people into smaller social groups based on characteristics such as shared sense of group membership, values, behavioral patterns, language, political and economic interests, history and ancestral geographical base.

FTM or F2M

An acronym that stands for 'female-to-male' and refers to a person's transition from assigned female at birth to identifying as male.