My lab investigates the combined effects of nutrition and exercise on optimizing body composition as an integrated approach to managing chronic health conditions such as general and central obesity. The overall goal of my research is to develop preventive strategies through nutrition and exercise to optimize body composition across the lifespan; this multimodal approach helps to prevent and/or ameliorate health conditions, enhance healthspan, and ultimately improve the quality of life. More specifically, the impacts of different nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and physical activity/exercise will be tested on body composition (lean mass, fat mass, bone mineral content and density) in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. My research involves body composition assessment using imaging techniques (i.e. DXA), extensive molecular assessment, biochemical analyses and gene expression.

Pre-clinical studies:
Using animal models will provide a mechanistic understanding of the impacts of omega-3 fatty acids and exercise on body composition at the molecular levels. It will also advance our knowledge about body composition alterations across the lifespan (e.g. growth vs aging).

Clinical studies:
Our findings in animal studies will be tested in clinical settings or vice versa. Associations in clinical studies will further provide opportunities for mechanistic investigation in pre-clinical studies.

Community Education: 
I believe that our community should benefit from our research, which helps us, move research evidence from the laboratory into the hands of research users. My lab engages in community education and knowledge translation activities to educate the community on how to improve their health through lifestyle modifications (nutrition and exercise).