Current and Recent Undergraduate Courses

  • Biochemistry/HKR 2600 Introduction to Human Nutrition: The course provides an overview of human nutrition with an emphasis on topics of current interest. Students will gain an understanding of nutrition in the context of health maintenance across the life span. Topics covered include nutrition and chronic disease, nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation, nutrition for infants, Canadian Recommended Nutrient Intakes / Dietary Reference Intakes, nutrition information on food labels, weight loss and weight gain and ergogenic aids.
  • Biochemistry 4301 Nutrition and Disease: This course presents information on how normal physiology of organ systems is affected in various common and chronic disease states, and how the diseases alter nutritional requirements. The scientific rationale for current nutritional management strategies (treatments) is also covered. Through course material and assignments, students learn to assess the quality of research that is used to develop effective nutritional treatments.
  • Biochemistry 3203 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition: This course is the cornerstone for the study of nutrition.  The sources, mechanisms of absorption and physiological roles of nutrients is discussed within the context of growth, maintenance, reproduction and overall health in humans.
  • Biochemistry 2005 Food, Food Safety and Health:This course provides a broad introduction to topics relating to food and food safety from a nutritional science perspective. Some basic concepts such as the composition of foods, food additives and food processing will be introduced. Food safety with respect to contaminants and microorganisms will be addressed, as well as the role of government in the regulation of food safety. The course material will also introduce topics related to the politics of food, including the controversies surrounding genetically modified organisms and the environmental impact of food production. Potential health benefits of foods or specific components of foods (nutraceuticals and functional foods) will also be discussed.
  • Biochemistry 4502 Techniques in Nutrition Research: This is a seminar course in which faculty and students discuss methods and concepts used in nutrition research, with an emphasis on emerging areas of the discipline. Students are responsible for reading and critiquing current literature, and presenting their ideas to the group.

Current Graduate Course

  • Biochemistry 6400 Control of Intermediary Metabolism