Memorial University of Newfoundland, positioned on the eastern edge of North Atlantic, is the home of 21st century explorers keen to develop their innate creativity and ingenuity. On four campuses and via online education, more than 18,000 students and 5,000 faculty and staff from about 90 countries learn, teach, research, create and engage.

The Memorial University experience goes beyond pure academics, it invites a discovery of self, community and place. At Memorial, we celebrate our unique identity through the stories of our people – the work of scholars and educators, the ingenuity of students, the achievements of alumni – and the impact we collectively make in the province, the country and the world. Memorial is the natural place where people and ideas become.

From the Gazette

Drug misadventures

Pharmacists often recommend medications to take, but they also suggest which ones to take away. Approximately 30 per cent of patients aged 65 years or older are prescribed five or more drugs; an Australian study estimates approximately one in five drugs commonly used in older people may be inappropriate. Such inappropriate medications have been linked […]

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Culture shift

Newfoundland and Labrador faces many challenges with respect to the development of a sustainable economy without the reliance on natural resources. However, the research of two Memorial business scholars may help the people of this province to understand what they can do to meet and overcome those challenges. History, research and data Dr. Jacqueline Walsh, […]

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