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Support for Spouses

Work and Volunteer Opportunities for Spouses

Spousal Open Work Permit

For information, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.


  • Your spouse will need a resume to look for work in Canada and information regarding resume format and content is available.

Where are the Jobs?

  • Looking for a job can be stressful, especially in a new country. These websites list part-time and full-time job opportunities that require a variety of skill and education levels.


ESL Opportunities for Spouses

  • While you are busy with your studies, there are several opportunities (that are free) for your spouse to improve their English skills.
  • The Association for New Canadians (ANC) offers free evening classes to eligible newcomers. There are two types of classes available. The first is Clear Speech Concepts which helps those individuals with English language fluency with accent reduction and pronunciation. The second class are the ESL classes in which individuals are assessed in one of three classes - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  • Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council Inc. (RIAC) offers free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes on Mondays and Thursdays evenings.  Everyone is free to join and no registration is required.  Also offered is the Conversation Partner Program.  It pairs those wishing to practice their English with someone who is fluent in English.  This is a flexible program where both partners can chose when to meet, where to meet and how often they meet.
  • Teachers on Wheels is an adult literacy organization operating primarily in St. John's and the surrounding areas.
  • Through one-to-one tutoring with trained volunteer tutors, they aim to provide adults with a good educational alternative to the more traditional classroom setting. Lessons take place at times and locations convenient to the two.
  • Services are best suited to individuals with basic English skills. For more information, contact Tom Dawe at 738-3975 regarding eligibility and assessment.