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Picture of Esther and her daughter

Family Program


There are 162 International students with a spouse and/or children in the ISA Family program at Memorial University. As with any changes in life, there are adjustments to be made. As a result, supports are available to assist international students arriving with their families to settle into a new home.


Drop by the ISA Office at Corte Real, Room 1000a to speak with the International Families Coordinator


The ISA Family Program can provide information on:

  • Family Health Care
  • Schools for Children
  • Daycares for Children
  • Family Tax Benefits
  • Work/Volunteer Opportunities for Spouses
  • ESL opportunities for Spouses
  • Local Community Supports and Services
  • Parenting Resources


Check out ISA Family Program video. See what other international student families are saying about life in St. John's.