KassemKassem Abouchehade

Kassem Abouchehade is the New Muslim Chaplain at Memorial University representing the Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador where he serves as the Vice-President of the Association and Muslim Community. Kassem has been providing counseling, support and guidance to many community members and lecturing on Islam and providing classes on the Arabic language and Quran recitation for children and adults. Kassem also is one of the occasional Imams who provide sermons and lead prayers during Friday congregations in the Mosque. Kassem also provides tours, presentations and hosting many visiting groups from Churches, Schools and classes from Memorial University. He has earned a great respect among Muslim students at MUN during his past position as president for the Muslim Student Association from 2008-2010 while working on his PhD degree. He has established great relationships with various student groups, departments such as Women studies, and Religious studies, MUN Chaplaincy and Student Affairs, MSAMUN, TAUMUN and GSU for many years. Kassem is also a support member of the Social Action Coalition in NL. For many years being in this province, Kassem developed significant associations and collaborations with various groups and organizations in St. John’s and surroundings.Muslim Association Logo